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شرکت توربین کنترل پارس

TM41 - Turbine Governor Temperature Spread Monitor

Affordable alternative to full control system retrofit
Easy to install - Increased reliability - Programmable and configurable


The TM41 microprocessor system is designed to meet the requirements of Gas Turbine GOVERNING and TEMPERATURE SPREAD MONITORING.

The processor, I/O modules, ¼ VGA screen and keypad are housed in a 3U high 19" rack subassembly.
A wide range of input and output modules provides interface with plant devices and options for alternative or additional functionality.
Obsolete and unreliable equipment is replaced with modern digital electronics having high reliability and accuracy and is an affordable alternative to a full control system retrofit.
Communication facilities provide interface with other diagnostic and control equipment.

Hardware Features

TM41 - Turbine Governor Temperature Spread Monitor

General Features

  • High quality PCC CPU processor
  • 700 kB SRAM, 4 MB FlashPROM
  • 0.4 micro second instruction time (typical)
  • LED status indicators
  • 24 Vdc operation max 20 W
  • All inputs, outputs and power supply are protected
  • Operating temperature 0-50 deg C. Storage -20 to +60 deg C
  • Weight approx. 2 kg
  • 3U (132mm) high 19" rack sub assembly, 162mm deep

I/0 Capability

  • 10 x 24 vdc sinking logic inputs
  • 8 x 24 Vdc sourcing outputs
  • 1 x clean contact output (used for trip contact) 0.5 A max
  • RS232 and CAN bus interface ports
  • 6 input modules for:
    • 4 x frequency/speed inputs
    • 4 x 4-20 mA signals
    • 4 x thermocouple input with cold junction compensation built in
    • 4 x Analogue output
    • 4 x RTD inputs
    • Additional logic I/O
    • RVDT, LVDT and throttle actuator drives

Operator Interface

Backlit ¼ VGA (120x90mm) graphic monochrome LCD display with keypad to enable the operator to make quick and informed decisions on the status of the gas turbine.

  • Logic I/O Status
  • Bar graph and Digital display of analogue values
  • Alarm and trip alphanumeric message, time and date stamped
  • Trend plot to view analogues
  • Commissioning Modes to ease fault finding and set up
  • Allow forcing of outputs
  • Adjustment of control parameters (Gains, setpoints etc.)

spacer TM41 - Turbine Governer/Temperature Spread Monitor

Temperature Spread Monitor

The TM41 is programmed to perform temperature spread monitoring functions in accordance with engine manufacturer's specification.

Typical Functionality

  • Signal validation - discount faulty inputs and alarm
  • Calculate average of healthy thermocouples
  • Calculate deviation of individual from average
  • Alarm on deviation exceeding alarm setpoint
  • Trip on deviation exceeding trip set point or number of failed thermocouple inputs exceeds set point

TM41 - Turbine Governor Temperature Spread Monitor


The TM41 can be fitted with pin compatible multiway connectors to mate directly with an existing governor (typically Woodward 43027) and therefore directly interchangeable.

TM41 - Turbine Governor Temperature Spread Monitor

The TM41 will interface with the retained or replacement fuel system,sequence and unit control devices.

Typical functions

  • Power Turbine Speed Control
  • Gas Generator Speed limit
  • Gas Generator Exhaust Temperature Control
  • Gas Generator Compressor Discharge Pressure Limit Control
  • Acceleration and deceleration schedules
  • Light off to Idle Control
  • Idle to Minimum Governor Speed Control

Order Details

TM41 - G
TM41 - T
TM41 - TG
TM41 - SF

Temperature Spread Monitor
Governor and Temperature Spread Monitor
Special function to meet customer requirement


نشان دهنده دمای توربین(نمونه ساخت داخل)

- کنترل سلامت ترموکوپل و اتصالات آن به سیستم   

 - محاسبه دمای میانگین و کنترل آن

 -  فرمان قطع و آلارم در زمانیکه ترموکوپل ها نسبت به زمانیکه تنظیم شده انحراف از میانگین داشته باشند

 -  نمایش منحنی تغییرات دماهای ورودی و ثبت آنها برای بررسی خطاها

For details and a proposal for your specific application please contact our Sales Department.

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