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SIGMA - Operator Interface & Decision Support Systems

Providing Invaluable Information for Operations, Maintenance & Performance Monitoring.

Turbine Controls Ltd integrate data acquisition technology with rotating machinery expertise.The result is an operator interface and decision support system that gives you complete control over plant operations, maintenance and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Plant condition information enables operators to maximise production.
  • Error, Alarm and trip message handling facilitate fault diagnostics ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Automated operator controls reduce manpower costs.
  • Maintenance screens provide activation of devices without disturbance to wiring and significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  • High-speed event logging, trend &, archiving provides paperless record and replay of incidents to ensure accurate fault diagnosis.
  • Remote monitoring & multiple log-ins mean data can be accessed from anywhere in the world giving you flexibility over operations.
  • Footprinting over the complete operating range accurately predicts plant deterioration.Damage to plant is minimised and outages can be planned. Maintenance activities can be co-ordinated and resource usage maximised.
  • SIGMA utilises proven robust software encompassing a database limit of 70,000 tags. It supports standard graphical formats, and allows online changes to be made without shutting down.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic allows interchange with other Microsoft products such as Access and Excel.Configuration to customer specific processes made easy.
Remote Support

TCL offers remote routine surveillance and fault diagnosis via modem connection to direct dial or internet. Specialist engineers utilise their knowledge of turbine operations to assist you in reducing downtime and maximising production without the expense and time of travel to site.

Engine Overview Screen

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Premier Power's Ballylumford Power Station

TCL upgraded the Central Control Room at Ballylumford Power Station, in Northern Ireland.The old console was replaced with a SIGMA system enabling the plant manager to scrutinise all the variables critical to maximising the performance and profitability of the plant.

The system improved control power output by presenting vast amounts of historic and current data in a graphical format.They now have the ability to plan maintenance schedules by assessing the condition of plant equipment.This has led to an overall decrease in unnecessary shutdowns, maintenance costs and operating costs.

The reporting system is networked throughout the plant, providing access to performance and operations data at convenient locations.

Kerr McGee Murchison Platform

TCL installed Engine Condition Monitors to the Olympus generators on Kerr McGee's Murchison platform to resolve post-fault diagnosis problems.

The information is recorded and transmitted by satellite link to Kerr McGee's offices in Aberdeen.The network is limited to a narrow bandwidth of 64k, which meant TCL had to carefully package the data to avoid an overload.

Current data and alarms can be accessed and interrogated immediately.Within a day of installation, the system highlighted a problem, which has since enabled start up reliability to be improved considerably.

For details and a proposal for your specific application please contact our Sales Department.

TCL/TCPL - helping you maximise the performance of your turbines.

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