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Project Examples

Marathon Oil's Brae A

Amoco's North West Hutton

Fiddler's Ferry Power Station

Premier Power's Ballylumford Power Station

Kerr Mcgee's Hutton TLP


Marathon Brae A Oil Rig A SIGMA microprocessor digital control system installed on Marathon Oil's Brae A platform has enabled a wider range of fuel gases to be accommodated. The platform uses a mixture of the Brae area gas plus gases from other fields, giving wide variations in gas quality which could cause poor transient performance and damage. Turbine Controls designed a system which detects and corrects Wobbe index variations automatically while maintaining the necessary protection and safety requirements of the turbine. This eliminated the need for an on-line gas calorimeter, resulting in substantial savings. The governor was also programmed to permit variable gas pressure, so eliminating the need for a regulator. In addition, significant improvements have been made in start-up amd operational reliability.

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Diminishing gas resources at Amoco's North West Hutton platform caused considerable problems. Ways had to be found to reduce the incidence of venting and failed starts and provide operation with floating gas pressure and dual fuel operation. A control system retrofit was carried out by Turbine Controls, which replaced the existing governor, surge control and trip system with a programmable logic controller. Gas fuel modulation was also changed to electric actuator, with liquid fuel modulation achieved through variable speed drive. In all aspects, this retrofit improved reliability and ease of operation, prolonging the economic viability of the platform.

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Fiddler's Ferry Power Station UK utility PowerGen fitted the system at Fiddler's Ferry power station to improve reliability. Previously, whenever one of it's two Avon engines had to be overhauled, the fuel system also had to be overhauled. Maintenance costs have reduced and reliability has improved with the new system. Improved fuel control has resulted in much lower light off temperatures as well as start reliability.

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Turbine Controls overhauled the central control room at Ballylumford Power Station. The project coincided with conversion of the plant furnaces from residual oil to gas burning. Outdated control consoles were unbolted from the control room floor and replaced with tailor made computer control system and ergonomically designed office furniture.

Console functions were replaced with screen based functions while mission critical equipment, such as emergency shutdown controls, was relocated in clearly visible and accessible positions. The system improves control of power output by turning large amounts of data into graphically presented information, enabling the operator to respond to the varying demands of Northern Ireland Electricity. Management by exception techniques are employed to provide the operator with only salient information.

Ballylumford Power Station The system is driven from the computer using a mouse to point and click on functions. It automates much of the logging the operator used to do. The reporting system is capable of being networked throughout the plant, providing the station manager with vital information. In an industry where availability, reliability and efficiency can effect profitability as seriously as fluctuations in the cost of raw materials, the efficient flow of information is no small concern. It is not only changes in the flow of electricity leaving the station that must be forecasted and measured.

Control of the fuel coming into the station is equally important. British Gas has to be advised how much fuel will be required at each period throughout the day. Any deviations have to be notified, and there is a scale of urgency with which notification must be made. The system at Ballylumford has been extended to include a powerful fuel gas monitoring system to meet this need, which enables forecasts and renominations to be made quickly and accurately.

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The first Engine Condition Monitors were installed on the two Avon generators on Kerr McGee's Hutton TLP platform to help resolve post-fault diagnosis problems.

Data acquisition units were installed on the turbines that power the water injection pump and power generator. Both talk to one offshore PC via a LAN. The information is also conveyed to Kerr McGee's offices in Aberdeen via a satellite link. A narrow bandwidth - just 64k - meant that the data had to be carefully packaged and placed to avoid overloading the network.

Current data and alarms can be accessed and interrogated immediately. Historic files can be brought over if there is a problem or when network activity is low.

Within a day of the installation, the system highlighted a problem which has since enabled start-up reliabilities to be improved.

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